My General Impressions

My general impressions of chrome os is that it is awesome and i really do enjoy it very much even though it is beta software. It is looking to be a very great operating system,  the future of computers and desktops will certainly be moving to on to cloud computing.  By this mid 2011, when chrome notebooks start selling this I bet is going to be what moves us into the future the future is going to be cloud computing.

I really enjoy using this operating system I do believe that it will revolutionize how we use are computers today.  Chrome OS is the future and I like how Google is think ahead and that they are thinking of how to get rid of all that clutter that slows down a typical operating system today, like windows and mac.  Like Google said, " that todays operating systems as time moves on get slow and starts not being as good as when you first got them.  Today Google Chrome OS  has many features that can possible over come today operating systems.

That is basically my first impression of chrome os I will be posting more on this blog as time moves on until release. So stay tuned!