Chromebooks! Why do some People in the Tech World Criticize them so Much?

I have read many articles on Chromebooks, and they are being hammered away by people who say they are a failure and why Google should just give up. This makes me mad, Chromebooks are showing us the future of computing. Because in the future we are going to start moving things into the cloud. It just makes me mad that some people in this world who review Chromebooks and say big whoop, and that they are going to be a failure I bet haven't even touched a chromebook or even tried to see what Google is trying to do.

Google is showing us the potential of how powerful the web can be and how we can use it today do our work. Chromebooks are the future and the show us that we can use web based apps to do our everyday tasks. I bet in a couple of months, chrome os will become a great operating system, and also show that it can replace our windows computer entirely. We might still have to keep some around to help manage servers and stuff. But Google is showing us that anything is possible and that we don't have to rely on local applications and desktops that much like we are use to now. Like when they introduced chrome os they said that today's operating system overtime get slow and take to long to boot up before you can access any programs. Google said that with Chromebooks, you get rid of all the unnecessary parts of a operating system that slows computers down and made it so Chromebooks boot instantly, and get use to the web. Once we log in you can already access you web apps instantly.  Google is trying to get the offline document editing ready and once they release it then we won't have to worry if we are online or not.

Sorry for my long rant. Chromebooks are giving us a glimpse of the future.  Google is making chrome os better and better every time they update it. So just give Chromebooks the time and the love to see what Google is trying to do. This is the greatest idea that Google could have thought of. But if you give chromebooks the time and love and effort I bet you will like them and want to use them more than a standard computer. I know I have and love using my chromebook a lot more.