The Interface in Chrome OS is pretty straight forward, You have you network indicator at the top, and also you have your battery indicator and you also have you date and time as well. The keyboard on the other hand doesn't have function keys instead it has buttons for back, forward, refresh, full screen, and a manage open windows key.

The keys also include ones for changing the brightness of the screen and also three key for sound.  On the keyboard the got rid of the caps lock key and replaced it with a search key.  The search key you can change back to a caps lock key in the settings.

The setting interface is that of the browser but with a new interface with some extra options such as ones for managing if you want to connect to wifi of to cellular. The also have a option that allows you to change if you want to use tap to click and the sensitivity, you can also change the date and time settings.  Before I forget the welcome screen and it interface.

The welcome screen for you to login is pretty cool.  It allows you to manage your accounts and also allows guests to login using incognito mode.  From the welcome screen you can manage your networks and also manage the users of the chrome notebook.