The WiFi on my chrome notebook, at home it works fine but at school it takes a little bit of time like 3-4 mins just to connect to my schools WiFi. At home,when I am connected the connection speeds are pretty good, but at the school WiFi speed is kind of slow. But depending on where you are at determines how fast the WiFi speed is.

On other hand, with every Google chrome notebook, you get the option of signing up for a mobile broadband data plan from Verizon, starting around 9.99 plus if you sign up for mobile broadband you get a 100MB for free for 2 years.  The 3g speeds are fast you get about 1.6 MB of speed for downloading and almost a MB of uploading speeds.  That might not seem fast but that is the speeds you get on Verizon's 3G Network.

Overall you get pretty good speeds on the Cr-48.  Connecting  to other WIFI networks may take a bit of time to connect to the internet, but for the most part it is alright. 3G is cool you can access the internet even if there is no WIFI around. 3G speeds are amazing for the chrome notebook and I hope to see more improvements as we get closer to the release of the final version of chrome OS.