Using my Chromebook in College!

In this post I am going to talk about how I use my Chromebook in College. These are the apps I use the most to do school work!

1. Google Docs

I use google docs to do my projects and homework. I love the new interface and It works very well. I like when I do homework in docs because it is simple to use and easier to learn than when you use Microsoft office. I recommend google Docs if you are going to college it is a great tool.

2. Google Calendar
In Google Calendar I use it for posting due dates. And I post deadlines and also when something occurs when school is not in session. Google calendar is a great tool to use in college and it helps me stay organized.

Chromebooks in my opinion are great for school. There is tons of great apps for student like myself, and it helps us to excel. In my honest opinion I believe that chromebooks are great for college and also for use on a daily basis.  I will post more apps for school as I come across them.

If you are a chromebook user try to use your chromebook in school. You will like it alot.